Controversial Issues that Law Enforcement Face

A problem or controversial issue that law enforcement face

The paper should discuss a problem or controversial issue that law enforcement face.  Your discussion should state the problem or controversial issue. Why it is an important topic to understand, what scholars know about it, and how it may be addressed.  The paper should include a title, be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced (not including references. Include citations for your sources, and should be written in APA style.   Using the listed headings, the structure of the paper should be as followed. Introduction Include a “hook” paragraph (or two) that describes the topic and why it is important (why we should care).

 At the end of the introduction, in a stand-alone paragraph. You should clearly state the goal of the paper, either by stating. “The goal of this paper is….” or “This paper will…” and then clearly state what the paper is about.  Then, in that same paragraph, include a “roadmap” for how the paper will be structured. (Example of goal statement and roadmap Goal/aim statement. This paper aims to shed light on the issue of police brutality, and its effects on community relations.   Roadmap:  To do so, first, I will discuss the history of police brutality and what scholars know about its potential impacts on policing.

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 Second, I will propose potential ways to address the issue of police brutality, including ways in which it may be reduced or completely eliminated.  Finally, I will conclude with a summary of my argument and provide final thoughts.). Background To support your argument on why your topic is important for society to understand, discuss what scholars know about the topic.  PLEASE USE CITATIONS.  Discuss your argument  in literature review form. How (insert your topic here) May Address. Discuss how you may  potentially  address the issue.

Consequently take the opportunity in this section to voice what you believe can or should be done and how your potential solution would be carried out.  In addition explain why your proposed solution or change is a viable one (why is has potential). Conclusion Restate what the goal of your paper was.  Also include any final thoughts to conclude the paper References APA style

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