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Collection, transcription and analysis of a narrative.

The goal of this assignment is  collection, transcription, and analysis of a narrative to gain an understanding of how narrative is structured. How to best transcribe (represent in print) an oral narrative and how to analyze narratives from a linguistic anthropological standpoint.  Firstly,Part one is the narrative collection and transcription (20 points). To complete the first part of this assignment, approach a good friend or acquaintance and ask if they will tell you a story for your linguistic anthropology class. Then, WITH THE SPOKEN PERMISSION OF THE STORYTELLER, record and/or or write down one narrative in as much detail as possible.

Also, you may either collect this narrative by written notes, a tape recorder, or video camera. Providing that you get permission from all participants. Then, using the handout on transcription as your guide (see D2L) transcribe the story when possible. In addition to the words spoken by the storyteller, and when it is relevant to your analysis.  You should transcribe other information, such as gestures, facial expression, pausing, tone of voice including loudness, rising intonation, etc. Note, for any information that you indicate in the transcript you need to include a transcription key.   That is, a written guide for the information included on the transcript (see the handout on transcription under “content.”

Collection, transcription and analysis of a narrative.

Secondly on part two, analyse using Labov’s elements of narrative analysis (20 points). Identify as many of Labov’s elements of narrative analysis as you can in your narrative. However, be aware that not all narratives include all elements. Whenever possible, give several examples of each element. Please write complete sentences to identify these elements in your narrative, rather than just labeling them.Also, you must give justifications/reasons for each of the identifications that you make. Finally on part three, analyse your narrative using Janet Holmes’ model for narrative (20 points).

In conclusion, write several paragraphs (roughly 500 words) that analyze your narrative in terms of social values and/or cultural practices. Using Holmes’ article (“Why Tell Stories”) as a guide, identify and explain elements of your collected narrative that transmit cultural, personal, or social values. In completing this portion of the assignment, you might find it helpful to answer questions such as. One,what is the larger point of this story? Two, why did the teller choose to tell it? Three, what social goals/aims does this story fulfill? And four,what does this story ‘say’ about the storyteller and about a group, subculture, or culture to which they belong?

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