Communication in Business – Analytical Report

Analytical Report – Business Communication

Business Communications – Analytical Report ( all the instructions on the file) Instructions: You will prepare a 6-8-page analytical report.  An analytical report requires you to research a subject, analyze information, draw conclusions, and make recommendations related to the effect of COVID-19 on Businesses and Organizations. Chicago Style with 3 resources.   This business report is designed to provide the opportunity to examine the communication operations of an organization. The organization you select should have access to their as much of their communication and response as well as research on trends across industries similar.  When possible, collect information online through vetted research. Use media guides, annual reports, and other publications. Visit the organization’s website, review their social media.

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Further Instructions- Business communications

Other reliable research on the organization ( yelp, glassdoor, payscale) as well as research on articles and overview ( (Links to an external site.))  Task  Given what you’ve learned in this course, analyze the organization’s communication process. (established credibility/trust/ delivery of bad news, persuading, routine messages and understanding audience). Your analysis may apply to a specific department or division or to the organization as a whole. Remember, it’s not enough to answer the questions. The report should also draw conclusions and make recommendations for how the business or organization should move forward. Research how did they respond to COVID-19 (March-now)?.  Firstly how did their response compare to their competitors? .

Secondly what did they do well?. Thirdly where did they fail in their effective response or communication?  What do you recommend they do base on your analysis to succeed in the future regardless of COVID-19?  What I learned about Business Communication (established credibility/trust/ delivery of bad news, persuading, routine messages and understanding audience): ·      I did a group presentation about persuading through emotion and reasoning. ·      I also learned about the lessons include techniques for writing informational, persuasive, sales, employment, and good and bad news communications, to both internal and external audiences – with practice analyzing those audiences. ·

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