Analysis- Electric cars will change the future

Electric cars will change the future

In this third writing project, you will be introduced to the important research methods needed to succeed in college.  You should plan to demonstrate effectively the ability to summarize, assess, and analyze information.  To accomplish this task, you will need to identify. And locate an appropriate academic/professional source (i.e. a scholarly article, long-form essay, or book chapter). And a New York Times article that explores a complex issue and makes an argument on that issue.  The subject of your articles is entirely up to you; however, the subject must pertain to your declared major or to your potential career field.  After you have identified and read your source, you will write an essay that blends summary and analyze with an approximate ratio of 30% content summary and 70% analysis.

Furthermore, you should plan on displaying the capacity to properly paraphrase and incorporate direct quotations into your essay.  Your audience for this assignment is an uninformed reader, who wants a detailed summary and analysis of the article/research, including the writer’s purpose, claim, and arguments that support his or her claim.   Assignment Objectives To recognize the unique features and challenges of academic writing To develop an understanding of the strategies of summary and analysis/response To identify and locate scholarly research sources To summarize, paraphrase, and synthesize research material To revise through several drafts To use conventions of format, structure, and language To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your own writings and those of others   Essay Requirements Title: Your essay should have its own title.

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Your title is your first point of contact with your reader. In order for your title to be effective, it should demonstrate at least one of the following qualities. Original, informative, engaging, or revealing. Thesis/Claim: Your thesis will consist of your evaluation of the writers’ arguments and their effectiveness. Summary: Your summary must include the writers’ purposes for writing their articles, their intended audience, the writers’ claims, and the arguments the writers make to support their claims. The summary should be objective, accurate, and thorough. Analyze/Response: Your response must include a rhetorical analysis (i.e. How effectively do the authors address purpose, audience, and context in presenting their ideas?) and an “ideas analysis” (i.e. What points/information do the authors leave out or ignore?.

Is any of the information misinterpreted or misrepresented?.  Are any ideas given unwarranted importance? How much evidence is provided? Is it “quality” evidence?) Paraphrase: Your essay must include ONE  (1) example of a paraphrase from each of the two research sources you are using. Direct Quotation: Your analysis essay must properly incorporate ONE (1) quotation from each article or essay, following the conventions and style of MLA or APA documentation. Citations: To cite the location of the material that you refer to in the essay, you must include both an in-text citation and a corresponding entry on your “Works Cited” or “References” page. Style: MLA or APA manuscript format and documentation

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