Ancient Civilization Exercise- Essay Questions

Ancient Civilization Exercise

This final examination consists of three essay questions on ancient civilization. Requiring students to use assigned course material and citing such with footnotes or endnotes. Students will write lucid, organized essays utilizing an introductory paragraph (with thesis statement). Body with supporting specific historical examples (students are  to cite in endnotes/footnotes the textbook, sources. And literary work in the appropriate essay questions to receive a passing grade), a concluding paragraph. And standard English grammar and style. 500 words minimum per essay PART 1 and 2 Need 4 sources each. We require Students to use Chicago Style for citing their Students should be careful to designate individual essays so that the professor may easily be able to recognize where one essay ends and the next begins.

The best advice is to simply paste the prompt before your essay. Part One: Ancient Civilization Exercise Considering that save for the ancient Hebrews, the period of classical antiquity,  polytheistic and pantheistic religions dominate 700 BCE-600 CE. However, between 100-700 CE, much of western civilization converted to monotheistic Christianity and Islam. Select three of the following civilizations from this period and discuss the role religion played in that society: pharaonic Egypt, pre-diaspora Israel, Hellenic Greece, imperial Rome, Merovingian Europe, or Mohammedan Arabia,   Use and cite a minimum of  four primary sources (see Sources of Making the West) as your principal evidence.

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 You can choose the 3. Part Two: Medieval and Early Modern Societies Exercise Medievalists sometimes say that society in Europe during the Middle Ages was made up of. Those who fought, those who prayed, and those who worked.” Based on an analysis of European history, c. 800-1400 CE, to what degree is this assessment accurate? What happened when the bourgeoisie (enterprising middle classes) rose to economic and political power by the 16th century; did that cause the end of the Medieval era?  Use and cite a minimum of  four primary sources (see Sources of Making the West) as your principal evidence.

Part Three: Book Question Compare and contrast the literary works Lysistrata and The Song of Roland in terms of evolving views of the military and warfare. Consider that the play is under Athenian democracy threat by constant warfare, while the epic poem was composed under a medieval regime facing Islamic enemies in Iberia. In your introductory paragraph, discussion the historical setting and background context of the literary work, its author, and era. The body of the essay should summarize key literary aspects, such as characterization, setting, and plot, to highlight principal historical themes of the work. Finally, in your concluding paragraph, explain both the historical relevance and significance of the work.

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