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I wrote a quantitative proposal that needs to be edited based on my professors critiques/recommedations. To accept this assignment you need to understand statistics, such as one way ANOVA, t-test, post hoc analysis and etc.  Professors Comments:  if I’m understanding what you’re suggesting correctly. You want to see if sensory toys impacts the behavior of children with ASD. Also if that’s the case, then your research question would be. “Does playing with sensory toys impact the behavior of children with ASD?”. Your null hypothesis would be, “There is no difference in behavior of children with ASD based on playing with sensory toys”. In this study, your IV would be “sensory toys” with 2 levels: Yes or No. Your DV would be behavior.

Further ANOVA description

You need to very clearly explain how you would measure the DV (behavior)– would this be an observational count? Would it be some kind of a rating scale? This needs to be very clear. You should not need to create any new measures and should be able to use an existing measure, even if it’s an observational measure. You’ll need to identify specifically what measure(s) you will use and talk about their reliability and validity. Finally you need to be much more detailed with the procedures, both for the recruitment procedures and study procedures.

You also need to be able to explain why the One-way ANOVA is the best test to use here– essentially it’s because you’ve got a quasi-experimental study with one categorical IV (sensory toys) and one scale-level DV (behavior). You could use a t-test instead, but either is equally good and you have the possibility of running more post-hoc tests if needed with the ANOVA. Last thing– make sure you’re using more supporting sources throughout, starting with the introduction (think of this as a mini lit review), and continuing throughout the proposal. You should be backing up your decisions about sample size, sampling strategy, which statistical test to use, etc with the text or other sources. Let me know if you have any questions!

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