Buddha in the Attic- Dilemmas and Accomplishments

Buddha in the Attic

You need to demonstrate that you read the book Buddha in the Attic and your understand the dilemmas and accomplishments of  Picture Brides.  Answer all the questions provided below. Type your work , double space, and it should not exceed nine pages. This assignment will be evaluated on clarity, organization, and presentation of your analysis. Your work should be more analytical than descriptive. You should go beyond the mere descriptions provided in the narrative and examine their meanings and implications, both at the individual and collective experiences. It is important to track how the events in the novel shape the conditions of Japanese American families. Again, avoid just description and textual repetitions.

Further Description

In addition dedicate the paper to analysis and careful examination based on self-reflection and introspection. If necessary, you can employ the theories, definitions, arguments. And also historical accounts we used through the semester. This Take-Home Essay represents 20 points of your final grade.   Concisely cover the following issues. 1) Firstly articulate the main point in the novel. Consequently who is the main character?, What is the historical period it covers. Additionally is there any common thread that keeps the novel together?. How many generations of Japanese Americans encompasses?  (5 points)  2)  Secondly who were the “picture brides”?. Thirdly  How they were defined as “the other.” What were their expectations in coming to America? What is the reality they found?  (3 points)

Chapter 3 “Whites” seems to capture the process of adaptation that Picture Brides adopted in American society. What were their preconception of White People? How they transformed and/or maintained those stereotypes? How they experience marginalization?  Did they maintain their identity? (3 points)   4)      Based on the nine chapters of the novel analyze the process of formation of the Japanese American families. (5 points)   5)       What did you learn from this historical-novel? What images, symbols, or metaphors remained with you? Did it help to gain a better appreciation of the Japanese American experience? (4 points)

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