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Business Report assignment

ASSIGNMENT you are required to prepare a report for your employer to explain the strengths and weaknesses of opening a new branch of the business. You will present the report to members of the board of directors. Your main task will be to convince board members to fund the new branch. If you succeed, you will become the manager of the new branch. The purpose of this high-stakes assignment will be for students to show that they understand how to apply in decision making five concepts of scarcity, choice, opportunity costs, rational behavior, and marginal analysis. REQUIREMENTS: The report should have a maximum of 4-5 pages, adopt double-spaced page margin and use Ariel Font 12. Outline for Report 1(1) In the top of Page 1. You are going to show the title of the report. 2) Introduction section (half to one page):

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Below the title, two spaces below the title, write “Introduction” or just start writing to tell us about the business you selected, including name, ownership structure, if you work/worked there, and location. After that, discuss the current situation in the sector/industry in which the business you will write about is located. Here, we want you to tell us, for example, if you select a restaurant, what is the current situation in the restaurant industry in the country, state or city. (3) Body of the report (three or four pages): Discuss reasons that you want to create a new branch. Specifically, tell us three examples each of opportunities, weaknesses, and potentials for creating the new branch. Thereafter, adopt five concepts of scarcity, choice, opportunity costs, rational behavior.

In addition marginal analysis to explain to the board why you think that failure to open the new branch may be a bad business decision. When discussing the 5 concepts, for scarcity, you provide some amounts of dollars that you think may be needed to open the new branch. That is, tell the owners the estimated amounts that it may take to open the new branch, specifying how much rent, equipment, wages may cost. Once you set the amount of dollars (think four categories of scarce resources) it helps you to discuss choice; so, you define choice, and then tell owners the alternative uses of the scarce resources that you seek.

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