Case Study- Hypothetical Client

Case Study

In Case Study 1 you will watch a video of hypothetical client. Base the information present, you are  to write a comprehensive assessment report and an initial treatment plan. See the “Case Study Guidelines” document for additional information. Please be sure to avoid using internet sources such as Wikipedia. Or other web-based resources that do not have strong academic backing. I also require you to use in-text references in your work in accordance with APA style to avoid plagiarism. You must use at least 3 additional scholarly sources in this course. I will use Plagiarism detection software  to scan each paper. And any paper that has academic integrity issues will earn a score of 0 automatically. Refer to the writing rubric for a guideline as to how they will grade your paper.

Students are strongly encouraged to use the writing center ( for assistance with all assignments as APA style is historically a challenge for most writers. The electronic email version of your research paper, in WORD format (no other format accepted), should be submitted via the blackboard website. Email submissions are not acceptable. PLEASE review the writing grading rubric on the course information tab for details of what is necessary. Submit all assignments  on EST. Case Study Instructions Case Study Instructions 1. Case study instructions: HSV 524 Case Study Instructions 10.13.2020(1) (8).doc – Alternative Formats 2. This is the template that must you will use when completing all three of your Case Studies: Case Template_2021 (3).docx Case Study Template_2021 (3).docx

Alternative Formats

3. For your first 2 case studies, you will be viewing “client videos” using Symptom Media, the link is present here and in the course. Consequently you MUST be log into Post University’s Library to access the videos. Here is the link 4. Sample Case : sample case study notes.docx sample case study notes.docx – Alternative Formats (please note that these notes are just a brief example of the in-depth information you will need to gather from the Symptom Media site); and Please note your case studies must be more detailed and follow the directions outlined in the units than what is provided within this brief example –> Case Sample.doc Case  Sample.doc – Alternative Formats 5. Please be sure that you read this document carefully as it describes the changes to the DSM 5, and finally how to accurately document a client’s diagnosis: 1126055.pdf 1126055.pdf – Alternative Formats

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