International Relations- Child Migration in Africa

child migration in Africa using a feminist geopolitical lens

“The essay must address a topic related to gender and International Relations. It must include a clearly articulated theoretical framework that informs the analysis. The topic chosen is child migration within Africa (intra- or inter- nationally). Using feminist geopolitics as a lens. It is a response to previous work analysing the securitization of borders. And immigration that followed the European and US-Mexico migration crises. Consequently the research will be child-centered in that it draws from the everyday experiences of children as they articulate them. Therefore the course focuses on gender and much of the analysis must relate to the gender hierarchy between masculine and feminine.

I have a rough draft of the essay proposal and research material already available. “The essay will involve substantial research of the scholarly work related to the topic and must be properly documented using Chicago author-date referencing style. They will mark the essay  according to the following criteria: Strength and Clarity of Research Question and Thesis Statement Quality of the Analysis Organization, Structure, Writing Style Relevant sources in Bibliography and used effectively in your analysis, and correct, complete and consistent use of Chicago author-date referencing style  The paper must be 9-10 pages double spaced.

Further Description

For context, here is the course description: “Course Description:  This course interrogates the structure of the world politics (IR)  the gender hierarchy. Therefore as it intersects with other hierarchies and power relations. Including those related to race, class, ethnicity, nationality, colonialism.  The gender hierarchy is manifest through the privileging masculinity over femininity, creating and reinforcing the divisions between public and private (family/home) spheres, reason and emotion, men and women.

This course seeks to reveal and disturb these (often hidden) hierarchies through the application of gender analysis and feminist theories to a range of concepts and issues in International Relations.  Topics to be considered will include:  theoretical and methodological concerns of feminism and gender in disciplinary International Relations (IR); the gendered implications of key concepts such as ‘the state’; the role of masculinities; feminist scholarship in key areas of IR such as security, militarism and war, foreign policy, IPE and development; as well as emerging areas of critical feminist scholarship such as motherhood and materiality in IR.”

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