Fallacies of Reasoning- Written Response

Common Fallacies of Reasoning


The below examples of fallacies reasoning provided, identify the logical fallacies in each and provide a written response including the implied or stated conclusions and the nature of the fallacy. Use double-spacing and 12-point Times New Roman font. Each question answered correctly is worth 5 points. We saw two houses: one in the suburbs and one in the center of town. The suburban house was less expensive than the one in town so there must be something wrong with it. I’ve been putting in a lot of overtime and life has been really difficult lately. I want a promotion and I deserve it; you should give me one. You are only attacking my politics because you are a racist. People take more seriously what they have to pay for.

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Therefore, people paying their way are more serious students than those who are not. Children are imaginative; they are different from adults. Therefore, they should have a good education. Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am.(Rene Descartes:1637) If you vote for a Democrat, you vote against the war on terror. Sex education in schools encourages experimentation. (Browne & Keeley 2007:100) All Muslims are terrorists and should be killed. It is true that certain organizations have ties to groups in areas of conflict that some may describe as terrorists, but they also have run orphanages and supported other local humanitarian efforts. A Gallup poll last week found that 75 percent of highly religious people didn’t think we should go to war with countries harboring terrorism. (Browne & Keeley 2007:100) A great leader is infallible and can never be wrong. Saddam Hussein was clearly a great leader because he could really inspire people to follow him.

Yet anyone advocating genocide was clearly wrong, and Hussein did advocate and practice genocide. Therefore, Hussein was not infallible. (adapted from Govier, p. 159) The terrorists only struck large cities like New York and Washington. Since I live in Iowa; I’ll be safe. Any country that does not relinquish terrorists to the American justice system is clearly on the side of the terrorists. (Browne & Keeley 2007:100)

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