Communication Techniques -Working Relationships

Communication Techniques and Working Relationships

Purpose: Communication Techniques

The purpose of this assignment about communication techniques is to apply conflict resolution skills using effective communication in the role of the nurse leader. Situation: You are the acting charge nurse for an urgent care clinic on the overnight shift (7P-7A). On shift with you are three registered nurses (RNs), one certified nursing assistant (CNA), and one emergency care physician (MD). The nurse manager has left the facility for the day. You have had an influx of patients this evening. By 11 p.m., all 20 beds are full and you have 13 patients awaiting triage. Of the 20 patients, you need to transfer  3 of them  to the local emergency room for more extensive care. You have one ambulance immediately available; two others will arrive in 15-30 minutes depending on traffic conditions. As you plan to transfer patients to the local emergency room for more extensive care and communication.

You  communicate  with your team members to determine the priority of transfer. Firstly nurse Maggie believes her patient, who is showing signs of diabetic ketoacidosis should be transferred first. Secondly nurse George believes his patient, who is showing signs of a COPD exacerbation should be transferred first. Thirdly nurse Maggie and Nurse George get into an intense argument over who is correct. Consequently nurse Maggie gathers the MD and CNA at the nurse’s station to discuss the issue and how “wrong and ridiculous Nurse George is.” In addition the  communication argument escalates quickly between the two nurses. An enraged Nurse Maggie slams the chart against the table and also  says that if you do not side with her she is leaving the urgent care clinic immediately.

 Further Assessment:

Part 1: Script Writing Develop a 5-10 line script using cooperative strategies to resolve the conflict between you, Nurse Maggie, and Nurse George. Download the script template for this assignment. Part 2: Essay Writing Develop a 2-3 page explanatory essay that addresses the following information: Elaborate on the nurse manager’s role in conflict resolution, effective communication and team building. Develop at least two interventions for decreasing incivility in the workplace that are supported by scholarly evidence.

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