Research- Green House and Traditional House

Comparison between Sustainable Green House and Traditional House

Description – Research

 Research and comparison between Sustainable Green House and Traditional House in Huntsville, Alabama, USA 1. Abstract 2. Introduction and background 3.Then, Problem of the study (with qualitative  questions (one or two)) 4. Add objectives of the study 5. Literature reviews (All literature reviews must be after 2010 – at least 10 articles, papers or books or journal but not accepted



Wikipedia or blogs) 6. M, Graphs and tables 7. Result and finding 8. Conclusion 9. References (All references must be after 2010) Research question identification this paper needs to identify the research question and final  paper.

Research guidelines

Theoretical Framework/Explicated Literature Review This is a review of the literature framing your  topic. Then, you are expected to synthesize your references and coherently introduce them. Interview protocol. Hence, this task requires you to build a questionnaire to interview the people that will help you answer your research questions(15 questions). Article review and presentation, you need to find an article using one of the qualitative  approaches to study and presentation. Three transcribed and coded interviews. This assignment requires you to interview three people that will help you answer your research question, then transcribe and code the interviews.

Final paper  for the research. Therefore, this is a qualitative study that builds on the work you do during the semester. Thus, should include an abstract (150-200 words); an intro that describes the background of your research problem. Therefore, a theoretical framework and literature reviews; a methodology explaining your sampling, data collection, and your approach for inquiry; a results and discussion section; a conclusion; and a list of references. Use APA citation style. Consequently our final paper should be around 4500 and 6000 words in total. Also your list of research references must include at least fifteen reliable and credible references, e.g., . Finally Wikipedia is not accepted and not copy, and paste allowed from any materials.



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