Enabling Connection- Pandemic Isolation

Enabling connection: Understanding the lived experience of pandemic isolation in an older adult Reflection Paper

In this course you have been studying the concept of partnering with older adults to understand the lived experience of health and wellness using an enablement model.  In this assignment you will be critically reflecting on your Connections Telehealth Practicum Experience. The assignment may be completed in first person.  The written assignment should be a maximum of 6-7 pages, excluding cover page, references and connection plan. Your reflection should include: Introduction: Brief description of the issue (demographics, prevalence, anticipated trends) and factors that contribute to or challenge healthy aging.   Discussion: 1. Firstly provide a brief description of your client, and the impact of the pandemic on their ability to stay connected to their preferred health and wellness strategies. Please ensure to remove all personal identifiers. (2 mark)

 2. Secondly describe the specific connection focus your client wanted to work on. Identify if the focus area is an age-related change, or due to the pandemic or a combination of both. Support your discussion with appropriate referencing. (5 marks)   3. Thirdly critically reflect on why is it important to ensure connection in this particular focus area (eg. physical health, emotional wellness, social connection, enabling community connection). Support your discussion with research citation. (5 marks)  4. In addition discuss, specifically, how the use of caritas process enabled you to understand the lived experience of the client. Be sure to properly introduce and cite the theory concepts you discuss. (5 marks)   5. Consequently identify two community resources that would support connection in the area of focus. Finally discuss why these resources are suitable for your client.

In Summary

Firstly consider access, secondly fit to functional ability, thirdly enabling independence and finally personal preferences in your discussion. Consequently support your discussion with appropriate rationale and also citation support. (5 marks)  Conclusion: Brief summary of key findings. Commentary on how the exploration has MAT 1 12 influenced your care and perspective as a nurse.(3 marks) Content should be organized according to APA format (Version 7.0)  Work should be supported by your course text and articles and a minimum of two peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. Research cited to support your paper needs to be peer-reviewed, current ( 5-7 years publication) and suitable to apply to a North American patient population.

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