Contemporary issues using the Rogerian method

Contemporary issues using the Rogerian method

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, this class is about the argument. Your first paper saw you analyzing an advertisement. I want to analyze a contemporary argument using one of the following methods that we will be learning in class. These are: The Aristotelian or classical argument  Toulmin’s method Rogerian argument. There are many sides to an issue and you will be examining multiple perspectives of a contemporary issue through those three methods. For the opposing perspectives, you are to examining the following: message, evidence, audience, evidence, and effectiveness on those different perspectives with the classical argument and Toulimin’s.

You must also provide additional background information including the method you will use, how it is, what it consists of, etc., and the context for your argument. Don’t forget to include evidence to support your analysis. Once you have discussed the opposing viewpoints. Using the Rogerian model to break down possible proposals to the issue and how they do that. You aren’t necessarily trying to take a side with this analysis. I want you to dissect the different sides of a contemporary issue. What they are saying) how to present from different perspectives. Also use one (or two) of the different ways to analyze an argument for the bed above list.

In summary

I’m giving you freedom in picking your topic but it must be a real social concern such as universal healthcare, social justice, etc.  Paper will be 1,200 – 1,500 words and must include three scholarly and academic sources. Note, while I am aware the library provides an excellent source with the Opposing Issues database, you are encouraged to look at other databases and sources beyond that. The paper must follow the MLA format and sources must be cited appropiately. I cannot state this enough! This paper is due March 23.

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