Corporate Memo – Ethical and Legal Concerns

Deliverable 6 – Corporate Memo on Ethical and Legal Concerns


Been doing this, and been failing. These are some comments. Ethical concerns:  When I said to explaint hem, you did clarify the facts areound them,  – 4 Ethical concerns:  You haave several different possible ethical items, and they are good, but they all need explanation, which is why you didn’t get a 4 – 3. You had 3 sources, of which 1 was the text.  You could have done more research.  3  You discuss the importance of ethics, but don’t relate it to the law  2 Your recommendations – clarification of policies maakes sense, asking for verification also makes sense.  Progressive discipline is a possibility, but can you enforce a fine?  I don’t udnerstand the involvement of the EEOC or State Labor Office.

 What other recommendations do you have?>  2 You discuss the importance of ethics, but don’t relate it to the law   you still haven’t clearly done this.  you now talk about how padding expenses is a type of fraud and reference sarbanens oxley.  This seems to overlap with the next item. 3 Your recommendations – you add more here, but still focus only on the potential fraud. there are other actions that could be taken – 3 Deliverable #6, there are more issues than just the question of fraud.   Not necessarily violations, but concerns.  Who has an action, who is affected, who has a duty, what do policies say, should they be adjusted?  Enforcement?  you’re focusing on the VP’s actions.  But there are other perspectives.

  You added some good language about the consequences of ethics, but the second grading criteria should follow this:   1)  how are ethics and laws related?  2)  what are the consequences of violating ethics?  3)  what are the consequences of violating the law?  You should make this section separate and distinct, because it bleeds into the last section, about personal resolution and support.  You now cite Sarbannes-Oxley which is good, but when you identify all of the possible ethical issues, this section should address solutions. You’ve done a great job of that, adding some additional language.  resources are good, too!

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