Crisis Review – Australian bushfires 2019-20

Crisis Review – Australian bushfires 2019-20

Find a crisis event from the list given in class. Write a minimum 5-page review of the crisis, not including references but including all of the elements mentioned below. Approve all topics prior to submission. Once an event has been approved, it cannot be selected by another student.  Reviews will be discussed in class   Start out by writing a background for the Enterprise, Private or Public, or the Person who is ultimately the core of the Crisis. Write about some history, if there have been past crises, the image of Enterprise or Person. And the reputation of the Enterprise or Person before the crisis at the center of your discussion.

Background and history of Australian bushfires and a bit about the PM. Second write about the crisis, the who, what, when, where, how and why of the situation that took the Enterprise. Or Person by surprise. Start with a simple narrative or description of the crisis moment. And then reinforce it with a timeline of events and actions taken by the Enterprise. And/or the key individual in the crisis (the focus of attention). And the stakeholders (or the interested parties) effected or offended by the crisis.   Third, use the information found in “Analytic Framework for Catastrophe Situations”. To identify the Crisis Communication Strategy employed by the Enterprise or .Individual in the chosen situation along the Defensive-Accomodative Continuum.


Provide some discussion on how  to apply this strategy  to this situation and if it moved along the continuum over time. Also give your perception of responsibility in the catastrophe using the three elements of catastrophe attribution, organization (or individual) performance and the severity of the crisis analyzed and discussed in the research article. Mention whether the enterprise or person was in a position to control the causes and effects of the crisis or was subject to forces beyond their control.   Fourth, give a statement about the current image and reputation of the enterprise, key individual or person involved in the crisis.

This provides a basis for the post-catastrophe critique. Are there indications that they are worse off or better off than before the situation. This may involve some thought about the context where the situation occurred particularly when you are talking about a large multinational corporation.   Finally, provide your own personal critique of the catastrophe, response and impact. Did they act responsibly, correctly or appropriately or not from a communication perspective and why you think that. Please leave yourself a page to write your analysis of what has happened, how it was handled and whether it has had any substantial impact on the enterprise, public or private, key individual within the enterprise, or person.

If you can imagine a better way to handle the situation this is the place to write that down.   Be sure to cite any and all sources of information in your paper, including websites, using the current APA style and create a reference list after your conclusion that is not a part of your final word count.

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