Culture- Influences on Business Negotiation

Culture Paper

Objective  The focus of this project is on the influence of culture and how other countries conduct business negotiations . The focus is on facts not analysis. The student should approach the project as if he/she were preparing to negotiate with a representative from a foreign company. PROCEDURE/FORMAT: Follow the Course Projects Guidelines when writing the project. Title the project:  Cultural Influences on Business Negotiations in ______ (insert country). The project’s opening or introductory paragraph must identify the subject country and specify the objective of the project. The body of the project must focus on the project’s objective. Cite only  information relevant to the objective and present it logically. Discuss each of the  following topics must be  in a separate paragraph and present in this order:

Further Guidelines- Culture

  1.   preparations needed before leaving for the country (making  appointments, hiring agents, needed  travel documents including  passports & visas, travel warnings from, vaccinations,  etc.)  2. Secondly greeting/meeting protocol (kiss, bow, shake hands, addressing  participants with proper use of names and titles, etc.)   3.  Thirdly dress standards (acceptable business attire for men and women)  4.   customs related to business relationships (may include punctuality,  the use of gifts, business cards, bribes, days & times for business  meetings, etc.)  5.   language used (both verbal & gestures; use of English and  translators)  6.   role of entertaining in developing relationships (may or may not be  customary, appropriateness of discussing business in social  settings)

7.   position of women in the business culture  8.   the actual negotiation process including tactics and ploys used.  Properly reference all the information. Failure to present information in the required sequence will result in a five (5)  point penalty. ï A minimum of three sources is required including at least one book (print or e-book)  Failure to include a book reference will result in a five (5) point  grade penalty. Check more than one source for each topic because not all sources provide the same information. A References page that includes all sources used in the project must be included.


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