Customer Behavior Project- Decision Making Process

Customer behavior project

 The project on customer behavior will be a MAXIMUM of 2 pages (single space, 12 font size). Where you make connections with material from Chapters 1-15 with a focus on Chapters 9-10 and 7-8. Please discuss a “decision making process” (Chapters 9-10) or purchase you have made for an issue or a product which is important to you. Conduct an analysis of this purchase by connecting multiple notions from the course with your personal experience. · The main objective is to describe, understand, and analyze the customer decision making process involved in the purchase or selection of a high value and high involvement item to illustrate and apply the theoretical notions learned in this course and provide specific and useful marketing recommendations.  The Problem Solving Process typically involves. Problem Recognition, Search for Relevant Information, Evaluation of Alternatives, Choice Decisions, Purchase, Preparation (if applicable).

Further Guidelines

Post-Purchase Use and Re-evaluations· The illustration and analysis needs to be followed by specific marketing implications and recommendations for other consumers, but, more importantly, recommendations for the marketers (about anything that is under the marketers’ control – 4P’s, websites, stores, sales people and so on). State what you can  do to facilitate things that will help the consumer. And also remove obstacles that hinder the customer. Please refer to the Decision Making Process, perceived risks, decision rules, etc. (from Chapters 9-10), the ABC Model of Attitudes and the Elaboration Likelihood Model (from Chapters 7-8). But also the multi attributes models, the 4P’s, needs, self, social influence, demographics. And also anything covered in this course that can be used to help the marketer perform better.

 For example, you could show how the stages in the decision making process. Chapters 9- 10) can be illustrated in your particular case. Firstly what was the problem?. Secondly did you search for information?. Where? How? Was the search extensive?. Consequently which websites, organizations, and persons’ information you choose to look at and compare? Why?

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