Argument- Defending Both Sides of Discussion

Defending Both Sides of Argument

Assignment.  Argument- Defending Both Sides of Discussion . Take a topic of your choice and present two different views on the topic in question. You task is to defend both sides of the argument against possible objections. Only after explaining the views of people on both sides of the debate, must you take one side and explain why you did so.  Steps a) Firstly in your intro, describe briefly the topic/subject that is at the heart of the debate, and hence briefly explain why this topic matters (two paragraphs) b) Secondly evaluate each side of the argument: in other words, describe, point by point, the arguments used by the authors of your sources. (+- two pages for each ‘sides’) c) Thirdly then, in conclusion (about a page long), give your own views about the topic (i.e. Consequently  explain the conclusion for the essay you came to and also your reasons for coming to this conclusion.

In Conclusion

In your essay conclusion, put at least one reasonable objection someone might raise to your topic argument.   Therefore you need at least two sources, one supporting each side of the debate. No or among your sources. Be objective  in your argument- don’t take sides until the conclusion Assume that your reader is not familiar with the topic. Be clear and concise. Make sure to cite your sources ( also use quote marks followed by name of author in parentheses or use footnotes) if you directly copy a passage of your sources. Don’t overquote- try rather to paraphrase (i.e., describe in your  own words what the authors you site actually say). Then make sure to include the bibliography at the end. Paper length of the argument: between 1000 and 1500 words, double space with size 12 font 1 inch margins (five pages max).

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