depiction of Jesus-research solution

Research paper on the depiction of Jesus.

In this paper of 1600-2000 words, you will examine a depiction of Jesus from the 20-21st centuries. You may choose an image of Jesus from a wide variety of media. Including, not only academic articles providing perspectives on who Jesus is, but also novels, short stories, poems,graphic novels, films and other visual art. Some suggestions are listed at the end of this document.In addition, your essay needs to both ex posit and evaluate. Below are examples of the kinds of questions I am looking for your paper to answer. Firstly, on exposition, what does this depiction have to say about who Jesus is? What does this depiction have to say about what it means to follow Jesus?
Secondly, on evaluation, do you think this image of Jesus is faithful to the New Testament accounts of Jesus?
Why or why not? Two, why does (or why do you think) the artist/author depict Jesus this way? Lastly,what do you think about the image? Is it compelling, provocative, offensive, etc.? In addition, your paper should make contact with the texts, themes, and questions from class.

Research paper on the depiction of Jesus.

In other words, you should come across as the expert you are! Aim to make specific reference to at least 2 texts from before the midterm and two texts afterward. Also, you will need to submit a proposal by October 22 and your research (optional 10%) – due 11/5. Furthermore,this paper invites you to examine forms of media you may not be used to writing about academically. Many of these works of art are not self-explanatory (especially the visual art and
poetry). So, it is often necessary to do some external research in order to understand the work. By the end of the day November 5 you will need to upload an annotated bibliography of 2-3 academic sources on your topic. Besides,these can be on the author/artist, the work itself, its context,etc. Finally, regarding web sources: interviews with the artist, materials produced by the artist (like on their own website) or museum housing the art, and newspaper articles about controversies surrounding the exhibition are fine, but avoid personal blogs, wikipedia, and fansites. If you are
unsure about discerning information about the web, feel free to send me the source in question.

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