Digital Age- Privacy, Surveillance, and Representation

Digital Age

In this essay, you will research a case related to  firstly digital privacy,  secondly surveillance, or thirdly representation. In addition to using one of the course readings listed below, you will incorporate secondary scholarly source material to complicate a conversation around the issues related to privacy, security, access, and also representation. Consequently you should choose only one of these issues to examine, bearing in mind that your scholarly research should serve as evidence for the claims you’ll evolve over the course of your essay. The topic you will be writing about is “Nothing to Hide” by Daniel J. Solove Objective- In 2000-2500 words (around eight double-spaced pages), write a focused, analytical, research-supported essay on 1).

 Further Description

Your selected course reading, and 2). appropriate and relevant scholarly research related to your chosen issue. Perform close readings of specific passages, definitions, implications, or gaps in your chosen texts. Make the implicit connections between your research and your readings explicit. Your thesis statement should go beyond summary or factual description and should assert your own evidence-based interpretation of how your scholarly findings expose or illustrate particular facets of your course readings. This essay must incorporate at least one scholarly source (peer-reviewed article, critical text/chapter). You may incorporate other substantiated sources from non-scholarly material (e.g. social media, blogs, etc.), so long as that source is substantiated and relevant to your analysis.

  Formatting and Documentation Requirements- For source citation, please use MLA formatting, and include a Works Cited page.  12 pt. standard font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.  Pgs. 1-2: Identify, contextualize, and hypothesize a problem related to the given topic Pgs. 3-5: Complicate this problem by introducing scholarly material (advance your analysis of the scope of the issue) Pgs. 6-8: Consider the problem within the larger conversation of digital privacy, surveillance, or representation: given what you’ve discovered thus far, how might these discoveries influence or impact the field at large?

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