Wealth and Happiness – Discussion of the Relationship

Discuss and research the relationship between wealth and happiness

The rough draft and the final draft will both meet the guidelines below.  Other criteria for the paper is based on the concepts discussed in the assigned chapters and lectures. Structure: Firstly the paper will have a strong title. The paper will have an introduction that contains: A clear, sophisticated hook. A clear overview of the topic of the paper. A thesis statement that identifies the topic, makes an assertion, and suggests the paper’s focus. The paper will have body paragraphs that each discuss the various claims you are attempting to make. Each will have .The paper will have a conclusion that reinforces the deeper point of the paper without just repeating the thesis or the topics of the paper. A clear topic sentence. Evidence and sources that support your claims.

An analysis of the relationship between the evidence, claims, and overall thesis of the paper. Development: Each body paragraph will lead readers through the reasoning used to affirm causes and/or effects. As a whole, the body paragraphs must employ use of chronological, most-to-least, or least-to-most analysis of the topic. Each body paragraph should reflect the research by use of quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrasing (source information should be accompanied by appropriate in-text citations).   Language: The style will be clear and concise (no wordiness or “fluff”). The sentences will vary in length. The paper will be well-edited to minimize grammar errors. MLA Formatting: The paper will be formatted in MLA, including.

Further Description- Wealth and happiness

One-inch margins Double-spacing (with no extra spaces between paragraphs; set Before and After to zero). 12-point Times New Roman font A heading with your name, the instructor’s name, the course, and the date, in day-month-year format (i.e., January 4, 2023 would be written 4 January 2023). A header ½ inch from the top of the page with your last name and the page number. A centered title. Paragraphs that are indented one tab (or ten spaces). Left-Justification only–not blocked or centered. Other Details:   Paper 3 will be a minimum of four full pages in length (not three pages and some writing on the fourth page, nor does this include the Works Cited page).

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