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Do you think technology connects us more, isolates us more, or both? Why do you think this way? Write your response in a 3-paragraph format. The first paragraph is the Introduction, which ends with the thesis statement; the second paragraph is the Body, and the last one is the Conclusion. The Body paragraph must have 8-12 sentences, and the Introduction and Conclusion must have 5-8 sentences. Make sure to provide enough evidence to support your claim. Document your information through works cited. To get full credit, you must reply to the discussion question and respond to this classmate. Do you think technology connects us more, isolates us more, or both Why do you think this way? The 21st century has witnessed tremendous growth in technology across the globe.

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Inventions have been made covering critical areas of daily life such as transport and communication due to the development of information and communication technology, and the arrival of the internet in the late 20th century.The rapid advancement in technology has made various aspects of life different from how they used to be in previous centuries (Diggory, 2018).. While such significant advancement in technology has enabled people to connect more than before in terms of communication and movement, people have also ended up being more isolated compared to years before such significant gains in technology were available. Information and communication technology brought new ways for people to engage with each other. Smartphones and other internet-enabled devices have made it possible for people to overcome geographical barriers and finally communicate in real-time.

With the creation of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. People connect through cyberspace technology and engage on matters ranging from social connections, business and work (Kemp, 2020). Without such technology, it will be hard to achieve real-time communication between two people, one in Sydney in Australia and the other in Washington, who are almost 20 hours apart when it comes to flight distance. Although technology has played a significant role in connecting people, on the flip side, it has created a culture of isolation, better described as the loneliness epidemic.

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