Elimination Of Laws


deadline is 8:00pm today!! Elimination of Laws . Find a law that is currently in existence and argue why the law should be eliminated. Your assignment should include: An introduction describing the existing law. Firstly, what problem  does this law intend   to address?. Secondly why  did they create  this law ? .Thirdly which goal(s) of crime control (deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation) is present in this law?. Consequently provide any relevant history regarding this law. At least three reasons as to why to eliminate the law  (each reason should be its own paragraph) which are supported by outside research. A paragraph addressing “the other” perspective.  What benefits associate with this law? Strengthen your argument by acknowledging that there may be valid opposing arguments. A conclusion paragraph summarizing your argument as to why we should eliminate the law.

Further Guidelines

Your assignment should include a minimum of 3 research citations. The textbook and Wikipedia (c) do not count as research sources. Google Scholar is a good place to start your research (https://scholar.google.com). Often, article PDFs are present next to the link. In addition, note that under the article there are blue options: “cite by, related articles, all versions, cite, save, and more.” These are useful tools. Specifically, the “cite” option provides an APA citation which can be helpful when making your reference list (but check to make sure the reference is correct!). In addition, the ASU library has many resources to help you find research sources (https://lib.asu.edu/find-articles). Your assignment should be 2-4 pages long. The page requirement is for actual content, meaning your own writing. A cover page and/or your research references are not counted towards your page requirement .

Your assignment is expected to be typed in 12 point – Times New Roman font. Further, your assignment should have 1-inch margins, be double spaced, and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. Demonstrate skills in writing, organization and presentation. Finally you must show that you understand the issue, understanding of the process and procedures, and are also able to clearly articulate an evidence-based argument.

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