RFID- Evaluate the pros and cons of using implantable devices

Introduce the topic RFID or Smartcard: evaluate the pros and cons of using implantable devices

Scenario: The government has created a committee to investigate the potential of implanting a radio-frequency implantable device. RFID or commonly known as a “chip”) in every U.S. citizen OR on the use of the ‘smart card. I.e. card that incorporates an individual’s medical care record). In order to reduce the issues surrounding patient safety including patient identification. And maintenance of a complete and accurate history of disease processes and medications, this RFID. Or ‘smart card’ will contain all of the individual’s medical information. When the patient arrives at a point-of-care, they scan the RFID or the ‘smart card’ . I will upload all of the information is into the provider Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Upon discharge, information is then downloaded back to the RFID or the ‘smart card’. They invite you as a nursing representative for your state to provide a report to the committee regarding the use of the RFID or the ‘smart card’. Choose one of these technologies and complete the following information to produce your report. Introduction: Create and introduction paragraph describing the topic (RFID or Smartcard), explain what will be addressed in the paper, and evaluate the pros and cons of using implantable devices or the Smartcard.  Create an introduction: Introduce the topic (RFID or Smartcard) Body of the Paper. Firstly evaluate the Pros and Cons. Secondly analyze the pros and cons of the use of the implanted RFID or the ‘Smartcard’.

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To assist you in analysis, explore the US Food and Drug Administration Guidance Document (https://www.fda.gov/Radiation    EmittingProducts/RadiationSafety/ElectromagneticCompatibilityEMC/ucm116647.htm (Links to an external site.) ) and investigate other sources on the internet or in the current literature. There are companies currently producing “chips.” Read marketing information found online for companies producing “chips” for additional background information. Explain how you use smart devices in your personal life. How has this technology been incorporated in society? Assess the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications.

What are the potential legal, ethical, and social implications, which should be considered if implementing and using RFID or the ‘Smartcard’ if it is instituted, in your practice setting? Identify populations who might greatly benefit from the use of the RFID or the ‘Smartcard’? (e.g. people with Alzheimer’s, children, those with cognitive disabilities, etc

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