The influence of social change on gender

Examine the influence of social change on gender

Objective: Students will be able to express sociological ideas clearly and coherently both in writing. Students will be able to examine the influence of social change on gender. Instructions: You will write a final paper analyzing an aspect of your experience of gender. Your objective is to think critically about gender and explore changes in gender roles and norms. Follow steps 1 – 6 below and use the information you have collected to write a 6 to 8 page paper. Step 1: Be sure that you have read/watched/listened to the assigned work in this class.

Step 2: Write about what your gender means to you, analyze that meaning, and place it within the context of the social institutions and interactions you have studied in this class. You might analyze your career goals: what assumptions have you made about the possibilities open to you? How do these assumptions reflect changes in the role gender plays in the workplace you’ve chosen? How do these assumptions challenge the ways that workplace has not changed? This is only an example. I encourage you to think about eating habits, date rape, reproductive rights, friendship, parenting, and other issues. The aspects of gender that you focus on in your paper are open because I want you to have the freedom to explore the issue or issues that interest you.

Further Guidelines

Step 3: We can define social change as the processes through which social groups and societies alter their structure and culture over both long and short time frames.In order to document changes over time you will conduct an interview about gender with someone of your same gender from a different generation than you. Ideally, and to document differences. You should find someone from the Baby Boom Generation or earlier, a family member, neighbor, mentor, etc. Tell this person you are researching social changes in gender for a class project and ask if he/she is willing to be interviewed.

Once you have identified an interview subject, conduct a bit of Internet research about the generation they are from. Document some of the defining characteristics of their generation? What are the most significant historical events of their generation that may have helped to shape the way they experienced gender.

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