Extended Business Plan – Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Extended Business Plan – Hong Kong and Shenzhen

During ACY6001, you have already learnt and developed a small-scale business plan. In this Project, you can have an opportunity to develop a full business plan for a business of your own choice. This business plan can focus on a new start-up plan. A new development or a spin-off business plan for an existing company. This option is most desirable of you intend to start your own business after graduation. Support the development of your current employer’s company. Or help your family business in its next stage of development. The business plan shall cover all typical components such as executive summary, company description, market analysis, marketing plan. Operations plan, organizational plan, financial plan, contingencies, schedule and appendices.

Further Description

It is important to note that you are expected to collect and make use of primary and secondary data as evidence for substantiating the business plan. Also, you should set a clear purpose with a clear target for the business plan. E.g. for fundraising, targeting on angel investors). As an extended business plan, it should be of enough depth such that the plan can be a tool for creating the new venture or providing operational details of the business. Please note that, while it should be your individual effort to complete this business plan, you can include additional people to your founding team or management team wherever appropriate. By the end of summer term, you are required to submit the project report in about 15,000 words and present it in a designated session.

The plan is to build a postpartum care center/postnatal care center/confinement center (Yuezi center) in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Its head quarter is located in Hong Kong, and the main business departments and flagship store are in Shenzhen. Postpartum care centers generally provide professional postpartum recovery services for delivery mothers, also known as confinement clubs. In Hong Kong, postpartum care centers are still not popular and common, but in Mainland China, postpartum care centers are already very popular and profitable. At present, there are only some traditional confinements in Hong Kong, and there are not many centers for postpartum rehabilitation.

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