Eyewitness Auschwitz by Filip Muller- Memoir

Eyewitness Auschwitz, by Filip Muller

You are to read an autobiographical account of at least 180 pages—eyewitness testimony of a person’s Holocaust experiences.  Please use the following outline! Format:  Your report should be a Word file. Please use the format of this outline, but your report should be in essay form, i.e., paragraphs made up of complete sentences.  Use only the memoir or diary that you are reporting on, no other sources!  You may use other parts of the book you are reading, such as the Introduction or Preface or Afterword, even if it was written by someone else. If the answer to any question does not appear in the memoir, just say so!  For example, “(…) did not write about his family.”  If you quote or paraphrase from the book, cite the page number.  Book titles should be italicized.

The plural of “Nazi” has no apostrophe!  Points will be deducted for mistakes in grammar, spelling, or word choices!.  Don’t forget that the Writing Center can help you improve your work. Use size 12 font and double-space. Your paper should be long enough to answer all the questions! Summary Person’s original home (city/village and country); family; age when problems began Expectations—what did the author think was going to happen?  What did the community think? Locations—for each place that the author lived, what happened to him/her there?  If relevant, why and how did the author go there and why/how did s/he leave?.  What happened to others there?.

Further Guidelines-Memoir

What examples of resistance were described in the memoir? Did the author have any strategies for survival?  If so, what were they?  Help and hindrance—from perpetrators, bystanders, and victims.  How did other people aid and/or harm the author?  How did the author affect others? Where did the author go after the war?  Did other family members survive? II. Your reaction to what you read: Which 3 episodes made the biggest impression on you?  WHY? Why is it important to read such accounts?. Other people mentioned Make a list of at least five other people mentioned by name in the memoir. For at least three of these people, write one or two sentences describing each one and his/her role in the life of the author.

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