Franchise narrative analysis

Franchise narrative analysis

Choose a narrative media text that is an official part of a franchise you’re familiar with, such as a film, TV season, comic, novel, or video game and analyze it in relation to previous entries in the franchise in different media. It should be a text that extends an existing franchise to a new medium, reboot an existing franchise in a new version, or revives an existing franchise after a period of absence (no direct sequels, adaptations of individual texts, or remakes of older texts). For example, you could analyze one of the many Star Wars comic books and novels in relation to the movies they build on, or the re-imagined Carmen Sandiego Netflix series in relation to the original TV series or games.   Consider these kinds of questions as you develop your thesis: How does your media object relate to the rest of the franchise?.

Firstly does it take place in the same fictional world as other texts, or present a new, unconnected version?. Secondly does it extend, expand, revive, revise, reboot, or replace existing versions of the franchise?. Thirdly does it conform to Jenkins’ conception of transmedia storytelling, or does it employ other narrative techniques?. Consequently does it require audience familiarity with the franchise or is it fairly self-contained? Does it set up future entries or spin-offs in the franchise? How does it balance familiarity and novelty? How does it take advantage of the properties of this specific medium to tell its story?   Ground your analysis  in concepts we’ve discussed in class. In particular weeks 4-6, and should directly reference the course readings to demonstrate your understanding.

Further instructions

Additional sources outside of the course readings are not required, but may be helpful as you develop your ideas.   This should be an academic essay with a clear thesis about how franchise narratives work. Not a qualitative review or opinion piece. Make sure you give specific examples from your chosen objects to support your analysis, and address both its narrative and formal aspects (i.e. audiovisual style).   Cite your sources properly and include a Works Cited page. Submit as a PDF (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, 2.54cm margins)

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