Hilda Polacheck’s- Autobiography

Read and analyze Hilda Polacheck’s autobiography

Hilda Polacheck’s autobiography-Description

The citation style is with footnotes which the professor specifies on the bottom of the essay prompt Some Thoughts and Tips on Plagiarism and Citations: I take the issue of academic integrity very seriously and the consequences for plagiarism will be severe, whether it is intentional or not. At a minimum, any submitted work that plagiarizes material will receive a zero score. It is therefore important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your use of sources is appropriate. If you have questions or concerns, voice them to your T.A. or to me in advance of the due date. We will be using Turnitin, a plagiarism prevention system. The ease of using the Internet has made it very easy for students to “cut and paste” material into papers that they are writing without proper citation.

We will submit papers that you write in this class to Turnitin, a service that identifies “matched text,” and we will interpret the results of the originality reports. In this class, you will also be given the opportunity to submit your own papers to Turnitin to check that all sources you have used are properly acknowledged and cited. Note that all submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin.com reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. For this assignment it will not be necessary to compile a bibliography or works cited section. This means, however, that you will need to be particularly diligent about providing complete citation information in your footnotes.

Further Guidelines

Please use footnotes and not endnotes or in-text citations. Also footnotes should be 10 point font and single spaced. Things to remember about proper use of sources for this class: Any time you are using direct quotes or paraphrasing ideas that are not your own, you should offer a citation to signal the source to your reader. Mark direct quotes should  by quotation marks. Citations should adopt the Chicago Manual of Style format (linked here). Course books (including the electronic versions) may be cited as follows: • Michael McGerr et al., Of the People: A History of the United States (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019), page number(s) or primary source number.

Hilda Satt Polacheck, I Came a Stranger: The Story of a Hull-House Girl (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1989), page number(s). Subsequent citations of the same material can truncate the information following standard declension rules.  Format: McGerr, Of the People, page number or primary source number.  Polacheck, I Came a Stranger, page number. If citing lectures, use the following format:  Jeffrey Gonda, HST 102: America Since 1865, “Lecture Title,” Lecture Date. Footnotes go at the end of sentences, not in the middle. Punctuation goes inside of quotation marks while footnotes go outside. Example: “Citations are important. Avoid citing internet sources that are not linked through the SU Library, its databases. Other reputable academic institutions (Smithsonian, New York Public Library, etc.). Finally do not cite articles from Wikipedia or History.com.

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