Impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic

Study the impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic on either the global supply chain or any specific supply chain of interest.

The impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic

ANNEX B – RESEARCH PAPER GUIDELINES. The purpose of this assignment is to take the concepts of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management into focus by examining a recent. Real-world event that caused significant impact on the global economy, state and national governance, and the entire supply chain. The topic is assigned below. TOPIC: Study the impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic on either the global supply chain or any specific supply chain of interest.???????? SUGGESTED SUB-TOPICS: In your research you can study the impact this virus had on the global economy, US economy, Minnesota economy, or a specific supply chain, for example: vaccine distribution and development, protective equipment, ventilators, impacts on retail, or any material or segment of the economy that interests you.???????? While you can briefly discuss the impact of governmental or political impacts, they should only be addresses in light of the impact on the supply chains.????????


The impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic is something unique and demonstrably shattering to the world economy. No one for the last hundred years or more has felt the effects of this pandemic. The normal flow of goods and services have severe impacts. This assignment allows each student to delve into these impacts on the supply chain. It is acceptable to research any specific element of the supply chain that interests you. The paper is relatively short, so the more you refine the topic the better off you might be.???????? If you have issues or questions about this assignment along the way, contact the instructor for guidance. Research for this topic should be relatively easy as there are prolific amounts of papers, articles, books, and other research already available online. Even telephonic interviews can be considered if a team member has a contact appropriately knowledgeable of the topic.

In Summary: it is one of the keys I focus on when assessing the paper. I expect a lengthy and well-analyzed conclusion or set of conclusions. ????????If you choose to describe what you learned, how it affected your thinking, or assess the impacts on your business, community, supply chain, or State or Nation, that is also acceptable. But be clear and impactful. Tell me what you think and why you think it. It is relatively easy to research a bunch of other peoples’ writing and thoughts, but you are charged with synthesizing these into a cogent set of your own thoughts, backed up with appropriate analyses.

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