Interview with a Social Worker

Interview with a Social Worker

Instructions Interview with a Social Worker Paper (15% of final grade) You can learn a great deal about a particular field or position within that field through an informational interview. Thus, in support of our course’s goal to introduce and expose you to the profession of social work. You will conduct an 45-60-minute informational interview with a social worker of your choice. This individual MUST have either a BSW or MSW degree.   Topics to cover during the interview are as follows. The population(s) worked with, kinds of tasks performed, and skills, knowledge. Personal attributes needed to successfully perform those tasks.  Prior experiences that have best prepared the social worker for their current position.

The frequent challenges/barriers presented to the social worker in their current role. And a discussion on how to address these challenges/barriers .  Advice the social worker would give to someone wanting to enter the social work profession.   Once you have completed your interview, you will use the data collected to construct a 12-point font, double-spaced, 5-page paper. In your paper, include an intro/conclusion, narrative of the responses to the discussion points above, and a reflection and discussion of the following:  A fact that you learned during the interview that you found interesting and/or enlightening.  The impact this interview has had on your learning and understanding of the social work profession and interest in pursuing a career in social work.

In summary

Organize your paper  using the heading system held by APA. Additionally, throughout your paper there should be application of the course readings and/or discussions, displaying your understanding of course content and its connection to what is shared by your interviewee. Specifically, in what ways are the experiences and advice shared reflective or not reflective of what you have been exposed to during class assignments/activities. There should be a minimum of five in-text citations from the course text and/or class discussions.

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