Lesson Plan- Elementary Education

LESSON PLAN – Elementary Education

This is an Elementary Education – Language Arts Intervention and Instruction Class lesson plan assignment. We  ask you to use the “Direct Instruction Lesson Plan template” that I attached for this assignment. The attached instructions (1-3) will walk you through this assignment. Step by step explaining what is required for each section of the lesson plan template. You can write directly in the template to complete this. This is not a typical essay format, but rather a lesson plan format that teachers use. **Please do not just define/explain what each term means as a report. This should be an actual lesson plan based off of the class level and setting you have created. I have also attached a rubric (1-5) to help understand what they are looking for. For the subject, please use English Language Arts/Expository Writing.


Please use 2nd grade for the grade level and for the setting you can write something along the lines of “This lesson plan takes place in a second grade general education classroom with 23 students. Three of these students are English Language Learners (ELL’s), one is a Gifted and Talented student and one student has a hearing impairment. The students desks are grouped into clusters of four and the teacher is circling the classroom for instruction.”(that is just an example of the detail they are looking for .. it does not have to be that exact setting) They want you to include at least one ELL student and one gifted and talented student and at least one student with some other learning disability. When answering the questions and planning the lesson each student should be accommodated in the lesson plan.

For the Standards and Objectives section, there is a link on the lesson plan template that allows you to access the state website to get the alphanumeric code with the state curriculum or student achievement standard. Please use NEW JERSEY as the selected state. Please use in-text citations whenever applicable. Thank you so much!


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