Scene Musical Composition – Creed vs Black Panther

Scene – Musical Composition: Creed vs Black Panther

Purpose: To begin with the purpose of this assignment is to do a comparative analysis of music from the same film composer using two different films. You must include YouTube links to the exact scenes in the header with specific time markers for specificity. You want to compare the similarities and differences from the same film composer in as descriptive of a way as possible using proper terminology discussed throughout the course. Focus: The focus of this assignment is for you to showcase your musical critical analysis comparing the styles and qualities of the same film composer as discussed throughout the entire semester. Scenes can be as short as 10 seconds and as long as a minute long. You want to  further focus on the music in the scene and analyze it as an opinion-based narrative.

You must find a films with the same composer to direct your narrative as a commentary on the similarities and differences of the composer’s composition style. After discussing some of the primary focal composers of film music, find one composer whom you feel particularly interested in, and write a comparative musical analysis of how the one composer writes for a specific scene in two different films. Provide links to each scene you are comparing. You want to describe each scene in such musical depth that the reader can comprehend the scenes you picked without having to watch the scene. This will take multiple paragraphs to describe each scene, as you did in the FMA 3. Finally give a brief history of the composer you chose.

Further Description

If reference particular dates, make sure to include citations (NOT Wikipedia or MLA or APA citations are appropriate in footer of pages or at the end of the paper. Compare and contrast how music is used in two different film scenes with the same composer. You may reference leitmotifs, character sounds, musical cues, and other identifiers as discussed in class. Remember, this is a guideline, not a checklist criteria. Reference discussions, previous assignments, and previous guides to assist in some necessary terms. (SCENES TO COMPARE: &

Further describe the Musical Aesthetic of each of these scenes and do a thorough discussion regarding the musical portion of the scenes. Justify why you picked the Aesthetic. Remember, simply defining the Aesthetic is not proper justification. Opinion based paragraph: why did you pick this composer? What in particular struck you about this particular that made you want to write about him/her? You may want to reference musical cues, his/her history of composition. Or a personal narrative of when you first heard about this composer. Proper citation is necessary. Finally include links at either the beginning or end of your assignment with particular timestamps for the scene.

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