Management Research Perspectives

Management Research Perspectives. Write a 5,000-word paper that critically discusses (with appropriate reference to literature) ‘The Potential of Applied Research in Business Today’. Address the following areas: a) Introduction – Strategic Focus & Research Rationale: Critically analyse the context of business today with reference to macro trends, your role, vision and values as a manager, indicating how your aspirations to make a difference informs your interest in applied research. (1000 words) b) Research Aim – Problem Solving: Identify and frame a key business problem that if addressed, could add value to your organisation or sector. Discuss your working assumptions (hypothesis), research question and a new intervention that could be evaluated as part of your research. Identify proxy indicators at the level of self, staff, stakeholders and system (organisation) by which you might evaluate project impact. (1000 words) c) Literature Review: Critically review relevant business, management & research methodology literature that has helped you to contextualise and conceptualise your research focus and its potential contribution to new knowledge or knowhow (1000 words). d) Methodology & Methods: Critically discuss the theory and processes of design thinking as a relevant research methodology for addressing ‘wicked problems’ of practice with reference to your intended research. Briefly review other research methodologies such as ethnography, case study or anthropology and their benefits. Critically consider the merits of mixed methods research. (1000 words) e) Management Research Perspectives – Reflection on the Journey: Critically reflect on your journey in learning over the course of this module and outline key insights derived from doing this assignment, participating in the lectures and all your reading. How will you apply this learning going forward? (1000 words)

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