Criminal Justice Department – Mass incarceration

Mass incarceration- Criminal Justice Department

The Term Paper is worth 25% of your grade. Your term paper topic is “Mass Incarceration” Assume the following. Firstly you have been hired as a criminal justice expert by the Justice Department; 2) The Justice department would like you to research and report on the Causes of Mass Incarceration 3) Discuss the impact of Mass incarceration on the criminal justice system 4) Discuss the impact of Mass incarceration on minorities and marginal offenders 5) Explain whether mass incarceration can be avoided 6) You have until May 5, 2021 to submit your report to this authority. Please keep in mind that your report for must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the issues, and your familiarity with various viewpoints criminological literature and crime statistics.

You may NOT write a term paper about any other topic. THIS IS A DIFFICULT ASSIGNMENT. BEGIN YOUR WORK NOW!!!  This assignment is designed to teach students how to think and write like professionals.   The Term Paper a/k/a “report” must meet the following MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  1. The term paper must be at least 12 pages in length. The term paper length does not include the title page, table of contents page, or reference page.  2. The term paper must have a title page The title page must have the title of the term paper, the student’s name, the student’s address, and the name of the course.

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3. The term paper must have a table of contents. The table of contents must indicate the pages on which each portion or section where criminal justice paper begins. This will look like the table of contents of a book.  4. The term paper MAY have a “statement of the problem.” The statement of the problem identifies the topic discussed and the issues pertaining thereto. For purposes of this term paper, it is a one or two paragraph long discussion of the topic and identification of major issues relating to the topic.  5. The “statement of the problem” section of the term paper might identify many issues relating to the topic.

However, after the “statement of the problem” section, discuss only one or two of the major issues you identified.  6. The criminal justice  term paper MAY have a recommendation section. Your work will briefly summarize the issues you raise in the term paper. Discuss your recommendations, and note how facts support your recommendations and expert opinion to which you refer in your paper

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