Media artifact on Feminism and Abortion- Research

Analysis of the media artifact on feminism and abortion

Your final essay on the analysis of the media artifact on feminism and abortion should comprise 2000-2600 words, roughly 7-8 pages of writing, not including the added citations and a reference list in APA style. I’m looking for (at least a clear argument. This means you need a thesis statement that previews main points. Furthermore,  analysis of the media artifact—NOT just a summary or description of the artifact. Besides, I should learn something new about rhetoric or media, about your artifact, or both, that I wouldn’t know from just watching or reading the media artifact itself. Add examples from the artifact that support your analysis. Additionally, include logical organization, complete with transitions,  some contextual information about the media artifact.  Citations to other communication scholarship about similar media genres, about your particular artifact (if applicable) should be in the paper.

Analysis of the media artifact on feminism and abortion

Lastly, you must establish what we already know in order to build on it with your analysis. In the analysis of the media artifact on feminism and abortion, you must cite at least 6 scholarly sources, peer reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters beyond the material you read for the class. For assistance, finding sources, see the library resource page in Canvas, including helpful videos. Consult with a reference librarian or Prof. Hungerford if you have questions. In addition, when completing the analysis of the media artifact on feminism and abortion assignment.  Moreover, I suggest that you meet with me at least once (via Google Hangouts or face to face) during your writing process. Visit office hours or email me to schedule an appointment. As you work, please refer to the Lessl, Lacroix, Maddux, Petermon & Spencer, and Johnson articles from class for examples of media criticism.

Remember, in each case, you learn something from reading the article that you wouldn’t learn from just reading or watching the media being analyzed. The same should be true of the papers you write. The grade for the final paper will be based on the originality of your argument. The quality of your analysis. The research & supporting material, including contextual information where important for your argument, organization, writing quality, and APA style.  Plagiarism, whether intentional or not, on the proposal or the final paper, will result in a score of zero on the paper. It will also result in the initiation of the university-approved process for responding to allegations of academic dishonesty. The paper and proposal are individual assignments that should reflect your own original thoughts.

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