Mental Health- Policy and Planning

Introduction – Mental Health

Influencing Mental Health Policy and Planning: DSM-5 as a Disciplinary Challenge for Psychology Link (website): Transforming Diagnosis: Link (website): NIMH Research Domain Criteria: Link (website): Improving Disorder Classification Worldwide: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Reference manual as needed.) Minimum of 3 scholarly sources, including the text from the course, a peer-reviewed journal article. And another journal article, a scholarly book, or a professional or government database website. A scholarly source includes an academic journal or book. A website that is a government database, or a professional organization’s website (e.g. The Centers for Disease Control, The National Institutes of Mental Health.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The Department of Health and Human Services, American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association,American Medical Association, etc.). Do not use non-empirical sources such as USA Today, popular magazines, popular websites (such as WebMD, Psychology Today, Wikipedia etc.) . And other non-research bodies for this requirement. However, if you want to include resources above and beyond the required one, you may cite newspapers, magazines, news websites, etc. Introduction With the release of the DSM 5 in May 2013 came a lot of controversy regarding the changes. Many, including the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), believe that the new manual lacks validity and that at best, it is a classification system based on symptomology, rather than evidenced based research.


 Some also believe that the changes in the DSM 5 add to the stigma of mental illness by make it easier to diagnose. With certain disorders due to a decrease in necessary criteria and the addition of new disorders that many believe should not be diagnoses. Activity Instructions After reading/reviewing the resources for this week, you will write an essay in which you will answer the questions below and take a position on which mental health classification system you believe is best. Answer the following questions: Should we continue to use the DSM 5 as our classification system? Should we shift strictly to the more widely used ICD-10 (soon to be 11) system? Should we go with the classification system that is currently being researched by the National Institutes of mental Health (NIMH)? Which classification system do you believe is best?

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