Data Collection and Source – Methodology

Methodology- Data collection

The beginning part of the paper is present above Chapter 4: Methodology and data collection (max. 8 pages, excluding appendices, cover, reference page) . Firstly Research Design and Rationale:        Secondly state research question(s). Thirdly state and define central concept(s) / phenomenon (a) of the study.  Additionally identify the research design. Consequently provide rationale for the chosen design. Participant Selection: (include recruitment strategies, such as flyer, email, letter, in appendices) . Then identify the population (if appropriate).  Further identify and justify the sampling strategy. State the criterion/a on which participant selection is based.        Establish how participants are known to meet the criterion/a. State number of participants / cases and the rationale for that number.        Explain specific procedures for how participants will be identified, contacted, and finally recruited.

Further Description

Instrument: (include instrument in appendices) Firstly identify each data collection instrument and source (survey, observation sheet, interview protocol. Focus group protocol, video-tape, audio-tape, artifacts, archived data, and other kinds of data collection  instruments). Secondly identify source for each data collection instrument (published or researcher produced). Establish sufficiency of data collection instruments to answer research questions. Data Collection:        From where will be collection take place? . Who will collect the data? Frequency of collection events.      Duration of the collection events. How will you record? Follow-up plan if recruitment results in too few participants.

Explain how participants exit the study (for example, debriefing procedures).Describe any follow-up procedures (such as requirements to return for follow-up interviews). Analysis Plan: For each type of data collected identify. Connection of data to a specific research question. Type of analysis and procedure Any software used for analysis. Issues of Trustworthiness. Describe appropriate strategies to establish credibility, reliability and validity.   Ethical Procedures: (Include IRB form and consent form in appendices) .Review the IRB Manual and complete form A and a consent form for your study (IRB manual can be found at         It is recommended that you follow the sample consent form template for your study. These versions are approved by IRB.

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