Music and history

Music and history

Topic:  Benefits of music and how it affects Sleeping.  Guidelines: The paper should be double spaced, no larger than 12 pt font, and approximately 5 pages including resources. You must list all citations and have at least five resources. Your paper will be posted on Blackboard under Assignments. Please do not send it by email early. Dig deep into the genre for this paper. Your opinion and references are important. Write like an academic paper and not a “wiki” entry. Do not use Wiki as one of your references. ** Genres could easily take up an entire course, or even a degree, on their own. For a 5 page paper, you will need to narrow down your topic to one aspect of the genre that interests you.

For example, if you chose “South Korean Popular Music,” you could write an introductory paragraph with a brief history of the genre and how it came about and then describe one specific branch, perhaps analyze two bands in the late 90’s, indicating why that was an essential time. Use at least 2 case studies (songs, musicians, albums) to back your argument.  Some questions to think about while researching your topic: What made you choose your particular subject as a case study for this paper? What is your argument? How did your subject affect the musical landscape of its time or in the future? .

  What are your observations on the social function and meaning of the performance, if there is one?  Toward what end does this music operate in this particular social circumstance?  What sorts of cultural, spiritual, or political messages does this music convey? If there are lyrics, what are they about? Describe the style, form, mood, and social or historical values that define the music.

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