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Art Historian

Find three different paintings of one mythological story and compare and contrast the artists’ interpretations of the myth. Since part of your discussion will include gender constructs. You should discuss the paintings in a chronological order to show how gender constructs are represented in different periods of time. Include small copies of the paintings you discuss in your paper with the artist’s name. The title of the painting and the date. When discussing the part of the myth the artist represents, you may quote Ovid. Some of the artists you may consider are the following: Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Evelyn De Morgan, Frederic Leighton, Lawrence Alma Tadema, and Simeon Solomon.

Questions you may consider when discussing the paintings are the following: What part of the myth does the painter choose to represent? What part does he or she omit? What cultural beliefs do the representations of mythological men or women in paintings reveal? You should include the interpretation of at least one art historian for each one of the paintings you discuss. No online sources please, unless they are scholarly websites representing one artist’s works or articles or chapters in books you have located through JSTOR or Project Muse. You may also find art historians in museums that own the paintings you discuss, Google Scholar, Internet Archive, Khan Academy,

In Summary

See also announcement on Resources for Art Historians. As a courtesy to your classmates, if you live in the area, please use the books you consult in the library. Do not check them out. Include small copies of the paintings in your paper with the title, date, artist’s name and the gallery where the painting is kept. Include this information about the paintings in your Works Cited page as well. Follow the MLA format throughout. When quoting or paraphrasing, you must include in parenthesis the author’s name and page number. You should have at least 5 sources in your Works Cited. Your paper should be 5-6 pages (Times New Roman 12).

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