Newton’s Laws of Motion

 Newtons Laws Description

Newton’s Laws of Motion are a fundamental part of Physics. His laws of motion explain rest, constant motion, accelerated motion, and describe how balanced and unbalanced forces act to cause these states of motion. You will select ONE of the options below to demonstrate your understanding and application of Newton’s Laws. Newton’s Law Project (option A) “Where can you find Newton’s Laws? “ This project allows you find it in magazines and real life. For this option, you will make a book of explaining TWO of Newton’s three laws using, at the smallest, 8.5 by 11 inch paper (notebook size) which you will fold in half to make a “book”. The theme will be “Where can your Find Newton’s Three Laws.”


You will be required to take pictures of EACH page and upload these images to the submission area) Note: Be sure all images are clear and easy to read. Images should be loaded so they are UPRIGHT. (there will be notes below on different ways to take pictures or scan and upload). Procedure: 1. First, you will need to state each law as it is written in your textbook or other source. In you are using a source other than your textbook you must include a reference (in APA format) for source. Please be sure you are using CREDIBLE sources. Note: Wikipedia,,, CourseHero, and are NOT credible sources and should NOT be used.

2. Find at least two pictures that illustrate each law. Pictures can be from magazines, real photographs, and newspapers, and must be printed and cut out if from the internet. The pictures from the internet must be photographs not diagrams or illustrations and cannot already be labeled with forces. The pictures must be in color. Your name and student number must be included below each image. 3. Write a paragraph describing how each of the pictures you choose illustrates the law (if you have 4 pictures you will have 4 paragraphs). The paragraphs must be at least 5 CONTENT related sentences. Please make sure your references are school appropriate. 4. Provide TWO math based “you solve it” questions with answers for EACH of the laws you selected. Please be sure to explain in detail how to solve the problems (on each option).

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