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Follow the Instructions for the assessment task file on nursing. The said file contain the following: • Assessment requirements; and • Detailed instructions for completing the task 2. Your task is to answer correctly all 13 questions in “Workbook Ivan Jankovic case study”. Some of the questions are related with the following videos(V) and documents. Therefore, please: • Watch all the 5 videos in the workbook (V1:Waiting room, V2:Pre-operative preparation – checklist, V3:Preoperative preparation – medication, V4:Patient’s conversation after pre-operative checklist and V5:Day 3 post-operative Handover). The said videos link are in page 4-5, and the transcript for V5 in page 8.

• Review the clinical/nursing documents (Preoperative checklist, Nursing Notes, Med Chart, Observation chart and Neurovascular obs). The said link is in pg. 5 Note: If the said 5 videos and the nursing documents link in the workbook are not working. Please let me know ASAP so that I can send over the documents and the URL to you. • Go through all the 4 modules: o Module 1: Cardiovascular health o Module 2: Dementia o Module 3: Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions o Module 4: Injury and prevention control and National-Safety-and-Quality-Health-Service-Standards (NSQHS Standards) to help you in this assignment.

Clinical Nursing Note:

If the link in the 4 modules is not working, kindly let me know ASAP so that I can send the URL to you. 3. Attached the following documents related with the abovesaid modules: • Chapter 23 – Alterations of cardiovascular function across the lifespan • Chapter 8 – Concepts of Neurological Dysfunction • Chapter 21 – Alterations to protection and movement 4. Attached a “SAMPLE Workbook Mr Brennan  case study (Question / Answer).pdf” (Question is in page 5&6, the next page is the answer and reference list) written by the previous student to give your writer some clue how to respond each question in the workbook, why some answer score full mark and why some of the answer the MARKER only give half mark or zero.

And what is the standard of writing that the marker expected from nursing students. TAKE NOTICE: The abovementioned SAMPLE Workbook Mr Brennan nursing case study (Question / Answer).pdf is different from my case study assignment. Therefore, please do not mixed up this two case study. 5. NO Bullet points  and please AVOID repetitive sentence in this assignment. 6. All reference must be evidence-base literature (systematic review). Kindly read the “Instructions for the assessment task file” for further information

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