Organizational Leadership paper.

Midterm research paper: A midterm draft of your paper for the final project is due, which is the Organizational Leadership paper. For this deliverable you should have the following. Company selection (Please note that Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Google, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America CANNOT be used) An idea of the Leadership Strategies that you want to use Have your 3 peer reviewed sources – give a short description of them. Lookup how to do a literature review and annotated bibliography. Take this opportunity to get a jump start on your week 8 deliverable. Proposal Title The introduction of a proposal should state the problem succinctly and indicate a proposed plan of action. The level one heading, below, can sum the problem up in a word or two. Problem The next few paragraphs will outline a detailed account of the problem and will include any pertinent details associated with the problem. Recommendations This section of the proposal will include the recommended solutions. List between three and five possible solutions, more or less, depending on the parameters of your course assignment. Conclusion The conclusion of the proposal will indicate a plan to meet and discuss the proposal further and a desired timeline for doing so.

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