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 (Develop your own organizing strategy) You work at Intel Communications  (or any similar fictitious company) which began operations three years ago to provide insightful digital news for an older demographic that values solid information.  There are 25 employees in the editorial area and 10 in the office and accounting area.  In the past few weeks, your colleagues have been quietly asking one another about their pay. After they learn that one of the reporters was bragging about a recent raise he’d received.  Last week, one of your colleagues, a woman of colour, was told her ‘contract’ was coming to an end.  It was the first time people wondered whether they were on yearly contracts or full-time ongoing employees.  Two of your colleagues come to you in the coffee shop across the street and ask whether ‘we should get a union in here’.

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The purpose of this essay is for you to reflect on the talks and readings about the organizing wave in North American digital media operations. Plus your knowledge of common issues in the industry and put that knowledge to the test.   Describe how you would go about organizing workers at Intel Communications, including the issues you would want to address. Any campaigns and tactics that you would emulate, the challenges you would expect and your main communications approach. Explain how you would know if you had enough support to go forward.  Bonus point: come up with a catchy slogan that you would put on a sign or button for this campaign.   800-1,000 words. Grades for this essay will be based on your ability to cite at least one union organizing drive we have studied.

Your demonstrated understanding of Ontario labour law as it applies to union organizing drives. Your ability to apply some knowledge about common media workplace issues, and the thought and creativity you give to a communications strategy. Previously posted resources that will be helpful. The New Yorker campaign on pay ( And  also other tactics the union at the New Yorker used (“Labor Notes New Yorker” posted in week 2). Readings listed in Week 8 (organizing) – including chapters 2 and 3 of “New Media Unions”, the article called “More Secure Jobs Bigger Paychecks” and the lecture in week 8 about organizing rules. ‘Finally how to Have an Organizing Conversation’ posted on week 8 ‘Mobilizing to Build Power’ handbook posted on week 9

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