Person Centered Care- Nursing Model


Person Centered Care

Use a case study approach to identify a nursing model and discuss how this is utilized to support a person centered approach. To nursing assessment and care delivery with regards a patient you have cared for Case Study. Identify Recognize, name, briefly describe Maintain confidentiality. Say why this is important Include enough detail that the reader will have an understanding of the individual- social background, support links Identify a recognized model of nursing. Then provide enough background and rationale as to why this is appropriate to support the care for your identified patient. Firstly you need to demonstrate why the model applies to your case study and enables you and the team to provide effective nursing care.

Secondly you may want to identify key areas that you want to focus on (such as ADL’s or by following the structure of the model, depending on which you have chosen) to help structure your writing. Finally you should be able to defend the model you have chosen. Discuss; Write about the most important characteristics of something, give arguments for and against, look at it from different perspectives. This case study will analyze a route of care for a patient using the Roper, Logan and Tierney model. In addition how a nursing associate can incorporate this model of nursing into care plans to ensure the patient receives person centered care. 3000 words and 30 Harvard reference with citation. Include: – The section on the 6Cs particularly will give you a start for the summative, but considerable work is needed to build on these.

Further Instructions

You will need to go beyond listing what the 6Cs are and making fairly generic statements on the role of the NA with these and NMC code. Choose your model, give a well-supported rationale as to why you have chosen that model. Your model needs to reflect your patient needs identify how this is supporting a person-centered approach. Title Use a case study approach to identify a nursing model. Further discuss how this is utilized to support a person centered care approach to nursing assessment. In addition care delivery with regards a patient you have cared for. Introduction 10% of your word count Explain how the question has been interpreted Identify the issues (themes to be explored). Outline how each issue will be addressed, sources of evidence used to support it Brief statement of the expected outcome.

Main Body 80% of your word count Identify your themes in your plan. Stick to around 3-4 themes Less and you will waffle More and it will be superficial. Each theme separate paragraph Start with introduction to the theme. End with summary of the theme Themes need to link. Conclusion summarize the main themes, include the main findings. Say why these findings are important- relate this back to the question. The last sentence should link directly to the title References Harvard 30 references and writing style should be met good standard of English.

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