Photovoice Community Needs – Analysis Assignment

Photovoice Community Needs Analysis Assignment

Research and write a paper on a specific community or organization that they have selected. Please consider the Social Works Grand Challenges when identifying macro or mezzo level issues to address. This paper will give you practice using components of Photovoice as a means to convey generalist practice problems and solutions in the field of community social work, social justice, and social policy. I expect you to use the data that you collect last week for your forum to complete this assignment (written and photographic).  Your paper must address all of the bullet points listed. Use at least two bullets to  answer via contextualize photos. Provide an overview of your selected community or organization. What function does it provide, and how does it currently impact people on a macro/mezzo level.

During your analysis, be sure to describe your communities population, demographics. And any other relevant information (crime rate, census, poverty rates, etc. Describe the problems that your community or organization faces.  Don’t forget to describe the meaning behind your photo and how it speaks to the problems you plan to address (Photo needed). List at least one theory from the book that you may have considered. Or used to guide your choices/decisions on researching the community or organization. Are there any agents of change or stakeholders in your community or organization (or elsewhere) that you would partner with (utilizing your research, readings from your book, resources, research articles, etc.).

Further Guidelines

Who would you interview to learn more about leadership in the community and the communities needs.  Talk about why it would be important to interview this person (or partner with this person).   Discuss the barriers that you are likely to face, and how you will work to overcome them with solutions (political, economic, social, cultural, etc.). Don’t forget to describe the meaning behind your photo and how it speaks to the importance of solutions you plan to implement (Photo needed).  Utilizing what you have read, discussed, reviewed, and analyzed so far in this course, write a summary/conclusion.

Format: Each paper should follow seventh edition APA formatting rules, be double-spaced, type-written, and 3-4 pages in length (750-1,000 words).  A title page and references page should be included, but these pages do not count toward the 3-4 page body of your text.   Photographs should also be included in your paper, but do not count toward your word/page count.   Please submit your work in Word or Pages.   Please use no fewer than 4 references.

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