Poem Theme Analysis – Essay Assignment

Poem Theme Analysis Essay Assignment

Poem Theme Analysis Essay Assignment The theme of a literary work is the comment the author makes about his/her subject matter, a revelation about the behavior of human beings, the conduct of society or an insight into the human condition. It is the insight we gain from thinking about what we have read. In other words, the theme is its underlying central idea or the generalization it communicates about life. At times, the author’s theme may not confirm or agree with your own beliefs. But even then, if it is skillfully written. The work will still have a theme that illuminates some aspects of true human experiences. This assignment asks that every one of you do a theme analysis of the poem “Put on my mask for a change” attached in the next page.

The first step would be a close reading of the poem in a way that allows you to notice every small detail in the poem. Through careful analysis of the details gathered. The next step would be to categorize the details into a few groups that potentially qualify as possible themes. You are now in a position to compare these themes.  To see which one you think is the most important and you would like to work with. Once your single theme is identified, you should move on to formulate a strong thesis statement. Whose claim you can demonstrate and elaborate throughout the essay. The thesis must summarize your overall interpretation of the poem’s meaning as a whole and include those three subtopics you are going to discuss in details in the body paragraphs of your essay.

In Summary

In the meantime, some unique rules of quoting poems are listed below. 1) Record lines of poetry by using the following: (line 12-15)   2). For the rest of the citations simply use (35-37)   3) Use a “/” to separate lines. A space is needed before and after the “/.” .   4) Copy capital or small case letters as they are used in the original poem   In essays for this class, you should always imagine an intelligent reader who may have no knowledge of our class and no special understanding of poetry. In other words, you are writing for a general audience. In the meantime, I would rather that you not use outside sources to write this essay because you will learn more if you do it all by yourself.

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