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 Carry out this coursework individually and it requires the student to compile a report. The report is proposing a robust and realistic set of Security measures in line with legislative requirements. And also industry best practice. Learning Outcomes being assessed. The coursework is designed to meet the following Learning Outcomes, as presented in the module specification.LO2 Analyze the specific security hazards affecting the maritime. And port sector in the present day and the relevant legislation on the fields of maritime and port securityLO4. Evaluate and apply the principles to a selection of relevant case study examples. In order to identify best practice Coursework Specification and Corresponding Marks Requirement.

Your task is to consider the given Scenario ‘Bunkered ’and write a report detailing the security measures that you will need to be put into place.  To manage both the immediate situation and the longer term security risks based on the given situation. Your report should clearly identify the risk analysis of the situation and based upon this, detail the measures that need to be taken in priority order. Reference will be inform of the ISPS code, appropriate guidance, standards and any relevant EU and National Legislation in order to support your decisions. You MUST clearly identify how these references relate to your proposals. In considering this Scenario, you may consider it from either the perspective of the Port/Port Facility or that of the Ship.

Port security guidelines

You should make clear in the report which option you have chosen. You will need to consider all of the potential risks . And the wider external environment as well as the commercial implications of the situation. The emphasis of the report will focus on measures to employ in respect of;-.1 access to the ship and port facility; .2 restricted areas within the ship or port facility; .3 handling of cargo and passengers; .4 delivery of ships stores; .5 handling unaccompanied baggage (as applicable); and .6 monitoring the security of the ship, port facility and port. Your report must consider both the immediate term .And longer-term security of the ship and port facility and any impacts that arise overall.

The report should discuss and analyze the risks and mitigation methods that you propose to deploy including your reasoning behind these choices based upon what you stipulate are the normal security level 1 measures in place. we recommend that you consider both Parts A and B of the ISPS Code; (Sections 8/9 for the Ship, and Sections15/16 for the Port Facility) as well as all relevant Legislation, Standards and industry guidance. In order to substantiate your proposed measures you should undertake a Security Risk Assessment for both the immediate and longer termas direction the scenario. You may use any appropriate risk assessment strategy but your choice of strategy should be justified.

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